04 November 2009

Setting Up A Hackers Workstation


My Workstation

Operating System:

Which OS to use, choice is all yours. Windows in all cases is not so ‘made for hacking’ according to me. Whatever XP,Vista or windows 7. They are all just OS which are made for novice public which can learn computers.

If you are a regular Linux user, Then shift to Backtrack Linux. It is Linux made for hacker geeks & completely embedded with all penetration testing tools in it. You can Download Backtrack here. But if you have never used Linux & wish to learn then you can use basic Linux distributions like Ubuntu. But remember that you or not supposed to learn Linux desktop environment like windows, you have to learn its shell or terminal. (command prompt of Linux)

As I said Choice is all yours you can go with Windows also. Its all on you. (Suggestion: If you can’t make it habit to learn new things, you can never be a HACKER)

Hackers Toolkit:

In your root directory or C:/ in windows make a folder named Tools. So that you can access all tools from command prompt easily E.g.  c:/tools/example

Go surf for these tools enlisted.

What are these tools ? Why are they used for ? How to use it ? are some of the questions that are striking your head. Chill all dudes & babes, I am here to help you with each of the tools listed above. All you have to do is first download them all & place in your root directory.


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