05 November 2009

Nokia AEON concept phone

The Nokia “Aeon”?

Nokia maintains a Research and Development website that is usually filled with, well Research and Development stuff. Mostly it’s just boring images of scientists and r&d people at work – at least until you scroll to the top. That’s where the images of Nokia’s latest “research concept” phone are currently housed.


The “Aeon” seems to be your “typical” razr-thin candybar form factor cell phone with no actual buttons. No, it’s not the next generation of Nokia’s L’amour Fashion Collection. The bottom half of the prototype pictured here is actually a touch-screen display that can change (I might be going out on a limb here) into any kind of menu, button, keypad, whatever. It’s so damn cool that I’m almost speechless. I mean, yeah, the touch screen method brings up a ton of quirky problems – like causing damage to the display with those pointy thumbs of yours, among others – but it’s also so innovative and (brilliantly simple) that I can’t even associate it with the Nokia name. What happened to those super thick oversized fatso phones that Nokia keeps churning out?

So the Aeon got me pretty excited about what’s coming in the future of wireless technology. Of course, by the time this phone actually comes to market (if ever), I’m sure Motorola will have similar devices available, all with those really annoying vowel-less names that nobody wants to pronounce. I really hope their next set of phones are called KRPR or something. It’d be more fitting.

04 November 2009

Setting Up A Hackers Workstation


My Workstation

Operating System:

Which OS to use, choice is all yours. Windows in all cases is not so ‘made for hacking’ according to me. Whatever XP,Vista or windows 7. They are all just OS which are made for novice public which can learn computers.

If you are a regular Linux user, Then shift to Backtrack Linux. It is Linux made for hacker geeks & completely embedded with all penetration testing tools in it. You can Download Backtrack here. But if you have never used Linux & wish to learn then you can use basic Linux distributions like Ubuntu. But remember that you or not supposed to learn Linux desktop environment like windows, you have to learn its shell or terminal. (command prompt of Linux)

As I said Choice is all yours you can go with Windows also. Its all on you. (Suggestion: If you can’t make it habit to learn new things, you can never be a HACKER)

Hackers Toolkit:

In your root directory or C:/ in windows make a folder named Tools. So that you can access all tools from command prompt easily E.g.  c:/tools/example

Go surf for these tools enlisted.

What are these tools ? Why are they used for ? How to use it ? are some of the questions that are striking your head. Chill all dudes & babes, I am here to help you with each of the tools listed above. All you have to do is first download them all & place in your root directory.

WEP Cracking


WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy
WEP is used to secure wireless networks from eavesdroppers
WEP usually takes hours to crack

WEP has always been a long and tedious job, but this tutorial you crack it in 3 minutes

1. Run Kismet to find your target network. Get the SSID and the channel.
2. Run Airodump and start capturing data.
3. With Aireplay, start replaying a packet on the target network. (You can find a ‘good packet’ by looking at the BSSID MAC on Kismet and comparing it to the captured packet’s BSSID MAC).
4. Watch as Airodump goes crazy with new IVs. Thanks to Aireplay.
5. Stop Airodump when you have about 1,000 IVs.
6. Run Aircrack on the captured file.
7. You should see the WEP key infront of you now.



Kismet is an 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system
It is designed for Linux.

You can download it at
A windows version can be downloaded at Renderlab

-Aircrack (Includes Airodump, Aireplay, Aircrack and optional Airdecap for decrypting WEP/WPA capture files)

Aircrack is the 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program that can recover this keys once enough encrypted packets have been captured with airodump.

Airdecap is used to decrypt WEP/WPA capture files.

Airmon can be used to configure the wireless card

Aireplay is used to inject frames.

Airodump is used for packet capturing of raw 802.11 frames and is particularly suitable for collecting WEP IVs (initialization vectors) for the intent of using them with aircrack-ng.

Download the whole suit at Aircrack

Disguise as GoogleBot to view Hidden Content of a Website


Ever experienced this? You ask Google to search something and it will return a lot of relevant results, but if you try to open the ones with the most promising content, you are confronted with a registration page instead, and the stuff you were looking for will not be revealed to you unless you agree to a credit card transaction first. This means that Google is able to see what a normal netizen cannot see.

The reason behind this is that Google uses a Bot called GoogleBot and most of websites which force users to register or even pay in order to search and use their content, leave a backdoor open for the GoogleBot because a prominent presence in Google searches is known to generate sales leads, site hits and exposure. Examples of such sites are Expert-Exchange, Windows Magazine, .Net Magazine, Nature, and many other sites around the globe.

What if you could disguise as GoogleBot then you can also see what GoogleBot can.

How to Disguise as GoogleBot?

It is Quite simple. You just need to change your browser’s User Agent. To change your Browser’s User Agent follow the steps given below:

* Copy the following code segment into a notepad file and save it as Useragent.reg or you may also download it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent]

* Now Double-Click on the file Useragent.reg to merge the registry file into your Windows Registry.
* Now Restart your computer. This is required to apply the changes made into the Registry.
* Voila! You’re done! Now you have become GoogleBot.

How Revert back to Normal Agent?

* For IE users : To restore the IE User Agent, Follow the Given Steps Below:
o Copy the following code segment into a notepad file and save it as Normalagent.reg or you may also download it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent]
@=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)”

o Now Double-Click on the file Normalagent.reg to merge the registry file into your Windows Registry.
o Now Restart your computer. This is required to apply the changes made into the Registry.
* For Opera Users : Opera allows on-the-fly for switching of User Agents through its “Browser Identification” function.

* For Firefox users : Just download User Agent Switcher extension for Firefox.

o Now Goto Tools -> User Agent Switcher -> Options -> Options.
o Click “User Agents”
o Click ” Add” and fill the following information in the form
+ Description: Googlebot
+ User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +
+ App Name: Googlebot
+ App Version: 5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +
+ Platform: +
+ Vendor:
+ Vendor Sub:
o Click “OK”.
o Now you may change the user agent on the fly.

02 November 2009

Scientists to build swarm of world's most advanced flying microbots


Jeez, wouldn't it be fun to have your own swarm of robot bees? Someone at Harvard thought so, convincing the National Science Foundation to pony up $10 million for the development of a whole colony full of wing-flapping bee bots. The project will challenge the scientists to build the world's most advanced flying microbots, creating swarms of tiny autonomous individuals that can make their own decisions, dock with each other, simulate pollination, and contribute to the entire group.

"Inspired by the biology of a bee and the insect's hive behavior, we aim to push advances in miniature robotics and the design of compact high-energy power sources; spur innovations in ultra-low-power computing and electronic "smart" sensors; and refine coordination algorithms to manage multiple, independent machines. BTW, our robobees don't sting..."

The Harvard researchers have a head start: They'll take what they learned with a life-sized robotic fly they created in 2007, improve upon its tiny brain and smart sensors, and then develop software that exploits the advantages of hive intelligence. This is going to be amazing. How will they fit power sources, computing devices and navigation inside a package the size of a bee? Let's just hope they use this for good, and not for evil.

Check out this diagram of one of the robotic flying sea monkeys:


01 November 2009

JPEG Binding

As posted earlier on my blog "Hide Your Files In A Picture"

Do you know most of the virus that infiltrate your computer
are stored secretly in a jpeg image? Well if you are not aware of this then you must read it.

# You will need the following.. Windows 2000 / XP
# Basic Knowledge of the Command Prompt

# WinRar

1. Gather your image and the files you wish to lodge into it. Here I have ABC.txt which I will hide inside my Madhuri.jpg.
2. Add the files you want to hide into a new RAR archive. (so ABC.txt.rar created newly)
3. Open Command Prompt and go to the folder where your files are located, e.g., ‘C:\hidden’.
5. At command prompt type ‘copy /b Madhuri.jpg + ABC.txt.rar Apple.jpg’ (without quotes).
(Madhuri.jpg is the picture I want to show, ABC.txt.rar is the file to be hidden, and Apple.jpg is the file which contains both.
6. Now test the Apple.jpg by double clicking it, and verifying it still opens.
7. Now try opening that same Apple.jpg file from menu: file->open of WinRar. It will show the original hidden file meeting.txt.

Done !!!!!

Now apple.jpg is a simple JPEG for others, but it contains a secret file ABC.txt for you !!!!!!!!!

You can also Encrypt your message like this while sending

Security Alert: Fraud Calls

Hello Friends,

If you receive a phone call on your Mobile from any person saying that they are checking your mobile line, and you have to press #90 or #09 or any other number. End this call immediately without pressing any numbers. Friends there is a fraud company using a device that once you press #90 or #09 they can access your SIM card and make calls at your expense. Forward this message to as many friends as u can, to stop it. This information has been confirmed by both Motorola and Nokia. There are over 3 million affected mobile phones. You can check this news at CNN web site

Super Bluetooth Hack

This is a New Version of Super Bluetooth Hack for Conventional and Mobile-based Symbian. This program through MDM can be used to control other people’s mobile phone at a distance (10-15 metres, it’s Then)

Super Bluetooth hack New 2008

More in New Version :

1) Connect via BT/Irda
2) Reading SMS
3) Changing time/alarms
4) Pressing keys…

What else can you do once connected to a another phone via blue tooth?

1) Read SMS matches.
2) Turn off telephone.
3) Switch on music.
4) Choose modes (normal, without sound …)
5) Block Phone.
6) Read his Contacts
7) Change Profile
8) Play his Ringtone even if phone is on silent
9) Restore Factory Settings.
10) Restart the phone
11) Change Ringing Volume
And here comes the best
“Call from his phone” it includes all call functions like hold etc.
And much, much more

1) Download
2) Pour on the mobile
3) Run the Installer (what you download, incidentally need JAVA)
4) He finds it, and you will be able to run software

5) Choose the language and going configured
6) Click Connection
7) Click search devices
8) Choose the “victim”

Creating Fake Gmail login page


Now with this trick you can easily hack your friend's Gmail account without any problems because this phisher is the latest one which is present on the internet.First thing you should be knowing is what is a Phisher...So here it is

In Phishing a person tries to make a copy of the Web page of the actual server and tries to deceive the person by showing him that it is the web page of the server.For ex.I'll make a Yahoo Phisher and I'll try to send my web page to my victim which is hosted in some other site to come and give his e-mail and password so that he can receive some benefits,but when he types in the password and e-mail,the info is stored in another file...In that way i can hack him !

How to Setup your Own Gmail Phisher ?

The same process should be followed as given for Yahoo Fake Login, Facebook Phisher.But for the new visitor of this blog I'm posting it again

Download:Gmail Fake login Page/Phisher.

This phisher is 100% working and is virus free.

Now lets begin with our hacking then.....

1.First of all you got to download the phisher page and extract the files into a folder.

2. Create an account in anyone of these free hosting sites.(I would prefer since its quite easy to handle)

3 .Now upload all the files into your respective file hosting service,but keep one thing in mind ..DO NOT UPLOAD FILES INTO A DIRECTORY

4. In the case of,To upload the files you gotta go to file manager in

Hack Gmail Passwords

5. Then you can test it and open "index.htm" and provide this link to your victim

6. After the victim types in his information then a new file will be created in your file manager with the name "Passwords.htm".So when you open the file you will find the Username and password entered by your victim !

Crack Gmail Passwords

10. Now you have successfully setup a fake login page which is ready to hack passwords !If you like this post then please don't forget to subscribe !

I will be publishing more of these fake keep updated to my blog by subscribing !

My personal fake login page is GMAIL FAKE LOGIN
Try put anything in user name and password and u will see in comments.

Quantum Cryptography

Its is based on famous Werner Heisenberg uncertainty principle



According to Heisenberg its meaning is that it is impossible to determine simultaneously both the position and velocity of an electron or any other particle with any degree of accuracy or certainty

Cryptography is basically the making and breaking of codes. So quantum cryptography is the making and breaking of codes using quantum physics.

At the moment, we use complicated maths equations to code important (and secret) information that we want to send around the place - things like banking details or credit card info. Now, these codes are really hard to break - so hard it would take millions of computers millions of hours to solve them. But if we end up with quantum computers (and we're heading that way pretty fast), these codes could be broken in moments. So we need to find a new way of encrypting our data to keep it safe, and the answer may well be quantum cryptography.

If you've read about quantum physics and quantum computing, you'll know that in the quantum world you can't measure something without changing it, and this quirk could be used to make the safest coding system around!

To use quantum cryptography, you firstly need a pair of photons (little packets of light). These photons must be "linked" at the quantum level. This way, if you do something to one (like measure its polarity for example), the other one will be affected. This pair of photons (or lots of pairs) can then be used to send the "key" for your code. If anyone, other than your receiver, tries to look at your photon key they'll change it and end up with nothing. Not only that, but you'll be able to tell that someone tried to hack into your system!

What is Quantum Computing?

So…Quantum Computing…yeah, what is it? Hey, some of us still have trouble with understanding just plain old computing , let alone the extra confusing quantum stuff. Quantum Computing can be a very confusing thing, that doesn’t mean we should ignore it and put in the too hard basket, because the applications for this are incredible.

In the future, quantum computing will allow us to do the work that millions of conventional computers would take millions of years of to do, in a fraction of a second. And Australians (surprise, surprise) are leading the way in this research. Good on us!

Quantum Computing relies quite heavily on something called quantum uncertainty, that just means you can’t know all the information about a quantum particle (eg. an electron) without changing it. It is impossible to measure both the position and momentum (movement) of a quantum particle at the same time.

In a conventional computer, information is stored as ‘bits’, 8bits = 1 byte, 1000 bytes = 1 megabyte…etc. Bits are either 1’s or 0’s, or On or Off. This is how the whole computer and digital thing works, using bits that are either on or not. The quantum bit or ‘quibit’ (pronounced kwibit) is a variation of this with the uncertainty thrown in. Quibits can be both 1 AND 0 at the same time, not one or the other, as well all the combinations of the other numbers in between. This makes an infinite amount of information that can be stored in just 1 quibit.

With this kind of computing power, the applications for high powered computing is enourmous. People used to talk about mobile phones having more computing power than NASA did to send people to the moon, imagine having that, and more, in one single bit!

Miracle of Grid computing

The Story Of Multiple Cores
" The geniuses at Intel decided to add more processors and gave birth to the Dual Core and Quad Core Processors seen today..."

Gordon Moore - the man who proposed Moore's law


Trivia: Did you know ?

The first Intel chip brought out in 1971 had a processor speed of 740KHz, while today's processors easily touch 3 GHz - an increase of 4000 times in 30 years!

This is being counteracted by building smaller transistors which will generate lesser heat. But how much smaller can it get? The latest 45-nm Intel chips deal with transistors around 200 atoms in width (A silicon atom has a diameter of .2 nanometres). At these lengths, quantum effects creep in and make it very hard to construct predictable systems. This means that we cannot make the processors any faster without overheating them unless we find an effective way to cool them down.


Intel Penryn 45nm chip

But that did not stop the geniuses at Intel/AMD from coming up with new ways to extend Moore’s Law. They decided to add more processors and gave birth to the Dual Core and Quad Core processors we see today. But does this really make your computer faster? Of course, you might think that more processors mean more computing power. Indeed, it means more potential computing power. How much of this is used?

Let us take an example. Say you have 2 processors which can do 2 “jobs” per second. You have 4 jobs. Of course, you can give 2 jobs to each processor and finish your work twice as fast (assuming the jobs are independent). Now, what if you have only 1 job? Does the second processor help? It could, if we can split the job into smaller steps. Let us assume each job consists of 4 “steps” A, B, C and D as shown in the diagram (also called a Directed Acyclic Graph for those of you who remember CS1102 J). But you need to do A first, and with the answer you get from A, you can do B and C and when both are done, you need to do D. How will you distribute this among the 2 processors?

Directed Acyclic Graph showing splitting of a job


Typical Grid farm

We can ask processor 1 (lets call it P1) to do A (and P2 remains idle). Then we do B and C simultaneously. But wait! P2 does not know the answer to A. So, we send the information over from P1 to P2. But remember this takes time. Then, when P1 is done with B, it has to wait for P2 (because of the time wasted in transferring the answer). When P2 is done, it sends the information back to P1 (which again takes time) and P1 does D using the results of B and C.


Algorithms to split jobs are crucial in Grid Computing.

The job was definitely done faster; But definitely not twice as fast. And both processes remained idle for significant times, so their efficiency was not all that great. Unfortunately, most “jobs” in real life are heavily interdependent and cost of transferring resources might be significant. Now imagine how complex this would get if you had 8 processors and how much processing power would be wasted! So, in this case, more is NOT always better as everyone would make you believe. Algorithms have been developed to solve this problem. In fact, developing algorithms to split jobs between processors is currently an active area of research, especially in Grid computing where a large number of processors are separated by the internet and the cost of transferring resources is very significant. The algorithms cannot be so time consuming that you take more time to decide where to run something than actually running it!

Trivia: Did you know

In a basic Grid computing system, every computer can access the resources of every other computer belonging to the network.

I hope this helped you understand why your Core 2 Duos with the same GHz number are not anywhere near twice as fast as your Pentium 4s.

Anyways once again the day is saved, thanks to some good marketing and determination and Moore’s Law continues to hold. But how long will it last? We have to wait and see!

Screen rotation on nokia N1600

IT's a very cool trick to see screen rotation on Nokia N 1600
Just press *#5512#
Phone screen will be rotated 90 degree
Continue with *#5513# 180 degree
*#5514# 270 degree
*#5515# back to normal that is now rotated 360 degree