28 January 2010

Hands-on early Windows Mobile 7 build


Russian mobile phone expert, Eldar Murtazin, the man who always seems to have his hands on things before they are released or before anyone else has outdone all of us once again, his tweets show that he is using an early build of WM7 on some unreleased device.

According to him WM7 is built-on an entirely different kernel from WM6.5 and other old version so Apps from these might not be able to run on it. He says that WM7 might seem to be the copy of Android or iPhone but WM7 will be a great change for the WM users but it’ll be for latest devices of HTC which are powerfull enough to support it, HTC HD2 might be the perfect candidate. While Microsoft might plan to keep on supporting there WM6.5 and lower WM for the users with less powerful devices like HTC Touch 2 or others.


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