19 February 2010

Easier way to select strong but easier to remember password

Easier way of remembering strong password

Now a days with increasing number of security threats and more and more exploits and tools all accounts are easily compromised.

We tend to choose password which can be easy to remember so end up with our birthdate, spouse name etc etc ... these are the guys who don't care about their account and can open 2nd account when one is compromised.

Now there are some smart ass who are serious about losing their account they don't do mistakes which are done by normal user and so they choose password with words and numbers but i must tell you these are too vulnerable

Eg : curoiusgeorge1900

i cracked this is 90 minutes

good password but not so strong and can be easily hacked by any tool using dictionary list of words , most popular tool is "johntheripper" there are better and faster available now

So now we are in fix as we cant remember the random letters ( but we can remember word easily) as all of us don't have sharp memory or may be sharp enough to remember all the password of different accounts be it Email, Bank password.

This can be solved easily as below

curiosity killed the cat 80 my birth place is jaipur
or short form


and this is a damn strong password , i was not able to crack this password. Program for ripping is running for 8 hours still got nothing.

So using longer statement or anything which u can remember.

cheers guys!!!!!!!


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