25 February 2010

Instant Language Translation In Messenger With TBot

Folks in Microsoft just launched a new translator agent for Window Live Messenger that allow users to perform languages translation on the fly. WLM users are now capable of chatting with friends anywhere around the globe that only speaks their mother tougue.
TBot, the WLM robot translator provides machine translations to WLM buddies. It is a part of the services offered by TBot might not have the human translation skills but enough to break the barriers of communication.
If you would like to communicate with the new translator bot, just simply add to your contact list and start chatting.


Here’s 2 ways you can use TBot:
One on one conversations with the bot where it will respond with the translation. That means, hit enter after typing in a language and TBot will replied with a translated version of your choice.
Invite a friend and each chat in a different language with TBot assisting in translation.
As far as this article has been written, TBot is able to translate English to/from Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. TBot can handle translation between Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional too.
Have fun!


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